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Budgets are Boundaries

Boundaries are essential in every area of our lives; as a parent, you probably set and adjust boundaries for your children daily. You set those boundaries to keep your children safe.

“Don’t step on that.”

“It’s bedtime!”

“Hey, let’s not eat the grass!”

Think of a budget as a protective mechanism for yourself and your finances!

Handcuffs or Rubber Bands?

For most of us, budgets don’t work because they seem restrictive, but what if I told you that budgeting is more like a rubber band than handcuffs? By setting boundaries using the rubber band method, you can flex and stretch your boundaries as your needs change, but if you stretch too far, the band breaks. That’s when you know you pressed the limit a little TOO much.


Using flexible boundaries can help you stick to your budget wihtout feeling restricted and make decisions on what to adjust if your spending goes over or under in any area. It may take some work, but you’ll be happy when you can consistently live within your means and ditch financial stress.

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